Clay Cane is a New York City-based writer who is recognized for his contributions in journalism. Clay is a regular contributor for various print and online publications such as The Advocate and He is the author of the highly anticipated novel Ball-Shaped World, which is a fictionalized account of the black and Latino ballroom scene. Also, he is the Entertainment Editor at and a member of New York Film Critics Online. He can be reached at

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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    Washington, DC --Set in the city of Brotherly love and the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence where all people were declared to be created equal under the law, the National Black Justice Coalition,, continues the dialogue of equality and equal justice with a nationwide forum on Black Church Homophobia.

    Over three hundred people from across the nation will gather to debate the issue of homosexuality and its role within the Black Church as well as provide solutions on how to create a welcoming and gay affirming church.

    Black iconic intellectuals such as the Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson plus several other religious leaders both anti-gay and gay affirming will headline the event and facilitate discussion ranging from HIV and the Black Church to debating the legitimacy of scripture referring to homosexuality.

    In addition to Dr. Dyson, other confirmed participants include Bishop Harry Jackson (Maryland), Bishop Yvette Flunder (San Francisco), Rev. Eugene Rivers (Boston), Dr. Kenneth Samuel (Atlanta). Rev. Deborah L. Johnson (Santa Cruz, CA), and Rev. Irene Monroe (Boston).

    NBJC Black Church Summit Talking Points:
    What is NBJC?
    The National Black Justice Coalition is a nationwide Black gay civil rights organization headquartered in Washington, DC. The mission of the organization is to end to racism and homophobia within the Black communities across America.

    The 2nd Annual Black Church Summit will be held at the historic Mother Bethel AME Church, 419 S. 6th Street,
    Philadelphia, PA, Saturday, March 10, 2007, 9am- 5pm.

    Media Briefings/Interviews:
    9am – 11:30am, Saturday, March 10, 2007. To schedule time please and any special requests please contact Herndon
    Davis, at or at 202-349-3739.

    Why is the Black Church Summit important? Why should my media outlet cover it?
    The factors of HIV, anti-gay violence and emotional depression are rampant within the Black gay community. Often the Black Church is ill equipped to adequately address these issues which are often swept under the societal rug.

    This year’s event will once again attract nationally prominent clergy, civil rights leaders, and many opposed to and also affirming of homosexuality. Our goal is to assist the Black Church on how to embrace their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender friends, neighbors, family, and members of their congregations.

    The continued silence of the Black gay community on issues dealing with homophobia has left the entire community vulnerable to the divisive tactics of those who do not have the community’s best interest at heart.

    What does NBJC plan to accomplish through the Black Church Summit?
    We plan to increase the size of our ongoing Black Church Social Justice Community Action Network which is a national coalition of gay affirming Black churches and clergy who will provide activism on ending Black Church homophobia and discrimination.

    What is NBJC’s position on gay marriage?
    There is no such thing as same-sex marriage, there is only marriage and we believe that all Americans regardless of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation should have the right to marry the person they love.

    Can I receive more information about NBJC or the Black Church Summit?
    Yes, please contact Dr. Sylvia Rhue at or at 202-349-3855.


    Posted by Clay :: 3:49 PM :: 2 comments


    Friday, January 26, 2007

    If you read my interview with the Legendary Father Jay Manolo-Blahnik in my November Ballroom Feature you will remember the House of Manolo-Blahnik started a scholarship for the ballroom community. Jay stated, "I wanted to support education in the ball community. I conceptualized a scholarship where there is a pot of money for school and it can be any kind of school. Not necessarily a four year institution, it can be a trade school, it can be a cosmetology program – whatever your inspiration is, whatever your dream is -- we want to support people in that." As promised by the House of Manolo-Blahnik pasted below please find the information for the Tony Milan scholarship—a full description of the scholarship, how to apply and deadlines. I recommend every person in the ballroom scene who has aspirations for higher education to apply. As we all know from my interviews with Jazmine Manolo-Blahnik, Father Jay Manolo-Blahnik and my upcoming February Ballroom Feature with the legendary Ayana Khan (who has her BA and in a first year Master's program) education is attainable regardless of your finances or social standing—you just need the drive. Congrats to the House of Manolo-Blahnik in this groundbreaking step for the ballroom scene!

    The Tony Milan Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 by the House of Manolo Blahnik (MB) to support the educational and ballroom success of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members of the “ballroom” community. The Tony Milan Scholarship Fund encourages LGBT community members to aspire to positions in which they contribute to society, are open about their sexual orientation and act as role models for their peers.

    Members of the ballroom community are often viewed as outcast within the larger, mainstream communities. The House of MB values all of the contributions of ballroom community members academic and otherwise. The House of MB seeks to invest in the future of ball patrons who make valuable contributions to the ballroom community. The House of MB seeks to shift community norms by creating tangible recognition for individuals who make such contributions and to highlight these contributions.

    The Tony Milan Scholarship Fund is granted to LGBT individuals of color, who participate in Balls, and are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning and/or individuals who are graduating seniors who have been accepted to an accredited institution of higher learning.


    African Americans, Asian Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and other racial/ethnic minority persons who participate in the “ballroom/house” community who are enrolled at an accredited college; graduate or professional/technical school, or who are accepted to an accredited college, university or technical school.

    Members of the House of Manolo Blahnik are not eligible to apply. Former Tony Milan Scholars are not eligible to apply.


    The House of Manolo Blahnik will issue a one time award in the amount of $1,000 to $5,000 to each student selected.


    Applications are due March 15, 2007. Recipients will be announced on or before May 1, 2007. Award checks will be sent directly to the school or institution of the award recipients by August 30, 2007.


    The House of Manolo Blahnik is pleased to announce the online scholarship application processes for 2007-08. For scholarship applications and guidelines, please e-mail


    For over twenty years, ‘Hall of Fame’ recipient, Tony Milan, has and continues to make a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of ball patrons around the country. He is recognized nationally as a leader and role model within the ballroom community.

    Founder and leader, Roger Milan believed in Tony’s educational advancement. Through heartfelt conversation, Roger said… “Tony you are wasting your time going to non-challenging schools just so you can walk balls. Balls will always be here but opportunity won’t.” Tony listened, then applied to Morehouse College, got accepted and left New York.

    After being crowned Legendary Face in the summer of 1993, Tony graduated Morehouse College in 1994. Afterward, Tony moved to Chicago to pursue his career. Soon, he learned the only gay supporter of his education, Roger Milan, was dying from an awful disease. He made a promise to him not to allow the House of Milan to fold. He returned to Atlanta where he and Duane started the Atlanta chapter of Milan. He then helped to start the Florida chapter. He eventually moved back to NY; and with the help of Hicopy, got the NY Milan chapter back on its feet to be one of the most revered and respected houses in the ballroom scene.

    Tony Milan is an educated leader, community advocate, and celebrated LEGEND. Tony Milan lives by the motto—“IT’S NOT WHEN IT’S WHETHER!”


    Posted by Clay :: 11:02 AM :: 0 comments

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Well, it seems like the drama on the screen is as high-octane as the drama behind the scenes when it comes to the first black gay television series Noah’s Arc. Logo’s January 24th press release stated that Noah’s Arc will be the channel’s first theatrical film production in 2008. However, according to Jasmyne Cannick, “My guess, and it is just that, is that Logo canceled the show and offered the movie as a consolation prize. It makes sense to me that if you want to silence the criticism for canceling the show that you would wait until the last day possible to make the announcement without really making the announcement, if you know what I mean. Hey, who's going to be upset the series is canceled when there's the possibility of a movie in the works? Now back to the NPR interview that says point blank in plain English that Logo representatives confirmed a third season.” Cannick adds, “My guess again, is that someone over at Logo fucked up royally.” Rumors are swirling that some of the cast are upset about this supposed movie and the press release was only to pacify Noah’s Arc fans. Sounds like a scandal…to clear the air on behalf of CLIK Magazine I spoke with Steven Fisher in Logo Communications and Public Affairs.

    CLIK: Word has it that Noah’s Arc is definitely canceled and the press release from Logo was just something to pacify the Noah’s Arc fan base—that there will be no film.
    Steven Fisher: We actually made the decision, as you can see in the press release, we wanted to take the story and find the dimensions—I think you see all the quotes in there. The film format gives us more freedom and certainly more opportunities creatively. We want to take it to the next level as so many other televisions shows have done. Go to the movies and obviously the door is still open for additional sequels, TV seasons and specials.

    CLIK: Some are saying the show is canceled and race is involved.
    Steven Fisher: This network is built on a foundation of diversity. We’re so proud of the show that’s why we’re taking it to the movies, it takes it to the next level, it helps us find who the whole audience is. This is great news—if you saw in the press release Patrik is as excited as we are.

    CLIK: So, Patrik will definitely be involved in the theatrical version and this is definitely going to happen in 2008?
    Steven Fisher: Talks have begun right now, obviously you have to have all of those movie things, which are have talks and get deals—all those other things. The plan is to go into production now and have it in theatres at the beginning of 2008. That’s the plan—obviously you have to do all those other things. We’re in talks right now of finding a distribution partner, production, putting the production together, hiring talent and all that other good stuff.

    CLIK: Noah’s Arc is the number one rated show on Logo, but your ratings aren’t really traditional and I’ve heard the DVD sales didn’t do too well. So, how is it documented that it’s the number one rated show?
    Steven Fisher: We’ve never said it’s the number one rated show because we’re not a rated network yet. We do anecdotally from our viewers, we see it as our most popular series, certainly visits to our web sites, it’s one of the most popular destinations online so we do see it as our most popular show. You’re right, we’re not rated, so it’s harder to gage statistically in that way, but in terms of visits to our web sites it’s our most popular show.

    CLIK: According to NPR Logo confirmed there would be a third season.
    Steven Fisher: I think what the reporter said was that we confirmed it, which we didn’t. We said that the show would not be canceled. I think she reported there would be a third season, but we haven’t announced a third season yet. We’re doing a movie, there maybe a third season, there maybe sequels, as I explained to you before.

    CLIK: Is the movie going to have the original cast, or it might be a new cast?
    Steven Fisher: As I said, talks are underway now in terms of production—to get everybody on board so that is what we are working on right now.

    CLIK: Idealistically, would you like to have the same cast?
    Steven Fisher: Yeah, we want to get everybody on board. That is what we’re working on now. Talks are on the way and when we have announcements about that we will let people know soon as we have more information.

    CLIK: Are you at all disappointed about the little bit of controversy surrounding this?
    Steven Fisher: All I can tell you is we are really excited. Patrik is really excited; I think you saw his quote in the press release. We’re taking it to the next level and we’re thrilled. We’re making the movie specifically to excite our fan base. That’s really exciting, the same thing happened with Star Trek when they made the films for Star Trek fans. Certainly, Simpsons’ fans for years were asking for a movie—it’s coming out this summer and Sex and the City. So, I think people correctly see the evolution of a TV show into a film as an exciting step, a continuation of the story and one that they love.

    Steven adds, “Everything I’ve heard from Patrik has been very positive and my understanding is that his blog has been very positive.”

    Clik Magazine is the Nation's leading publication for and about gay men of color.

    This interview will appear in the February issue of CLIK Magazine.


    Posted by Clay :: 1:52 PM :: 15 comments


    Friday, January 12, 2007

    Pasted below is the Beyonce interview. Now before you all ask, "Why didn't you ask her that?", "Why didn't you ask about her age?" (there was a small comment about her age in the interview, but edited it out), "Why didn't you ask about popping her snatch for Jesus?" People, as I've said before, I am not Howard Stern, I am a freelance writer who gets paid for his job and you simply can't ask certain questions, or you will never get hired again. At any moment I was waiting for Momma Tina to storm the room with a bedazzled gown and toss me out of the hotel window!

    Beyonce was actually a great person to interview, BUT transcribing the interview was a struggle. Bey walks and talks with grammatical errors, she really needs to get some speech and pronunciation lessons. I don't think I've ever had to change was to were, has to have, is to are like I did in this interview. 50 Cent and Sean Paul were more articulate than her!
    Many people said I would NEVER get an interview with Beyonce because of the way I "attacked" her on my blog (people take things so seriously) ... well, YOU MUST NOT KNOW 'BOUT ME! lol

    Don't ya' just love Ne-Yo? Hmmm... that brings me to my favorite line of the interview, "I write my own songs, produce my own records and videos. I'm Curtis!" I guess the writers of "Listen" didn't agree (she is not eligible for an Oscar nomination for "Listen" -- adding a period and comma to a song doesn't mean you are a co-writer Bey!) and neither does Ne-Yo, who wrote "Irreplaceable."

    The interview was so long that some of it had to be cut. Pasted below is an exclusive excerpt, which includes her response to not being supportive of the gay community, her sexy stage persona and rumors.

    In her musical life, Beyoncé has always been the lead, which has gotten her into a bit of controversy over the years. For example, in 2003 she allegedly made homophobic comments about the “Britney and Madonna kiss” mixing it with her religious beliefs. While Beyoncé has denied the comments, they have come back to life with Dreamgirls being coined “the gay Lord of the Rings” due to the Broadway musical’s legendary gay following and the director, Bill Condon, who is an openly gay man. When bluntly asking Beyoncé whether she is not supportive of the gay community she quickly replies, “That is the silliest thing I've ever heard. No, that is really ridiculous -- couldn't be the furthest from the truth.” In addition, Beyoncé, and many of her R&B counterparts, have been criticized for being outwardly religious, but extremely sexual, and sometimes trashy, on stage. When asking if she is ever conflicted with her stage persona and her religious beliefs she answers, “To be honest, I don’t think about it. When I perform, I know that I'm having an out-of-body experience, and I know that what I give out comes back to me, and how I treat people, and the things I do, and the way I give back, comes back to me. It's not a conflict.” The songstress adds, “Sometimes I see things, I'll read things, and rumors are going on and I'm like, ‘What? Why is this happening to me?’ I know I'm going to be okay because everything I do is from the right place. I try to live by that, so I know I'm going to be fine. I know it's a lesson and it's going be something great that comes out of all of that.”

    Labels: ,

    Posted by Clay :: 11:03 AM :: 16 comments


    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Check out my interview with Oscar winner Hilary Swank on Men's Fitness.

    Hilary stars in the new film Freedom Writers, which is an urban drama about a young teacher who motivates teens in the mid '90's to write their experiences in journals.

    This was a great interview with Swank, who is an incredibly gifted actor -- she played in one of the best cinematic performances of all time in Boys Don't Cry. For those who don't know, Swank grew up in extreme poverty, raised in trailer parks so she seemed to have this truly humble spirit about her. Toward the end she started to cry talking about the children in the film... I couldn't help but wonder if was acting, but if she was -- Lawd knows she had me! Stories like Swank's inspires many people that no matter where you are from -- there is an option to succeed.


    Posted by Clay :: 12:02 AM :: 4 comments


    Monday, January 01, 2007

    Review: Robin Thicke "Something Else"

    Martin: The Complete Fifth Season

    Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane - Season One

    Soul Food - The Series: The Final Season

    Girlfriends: The Fourth Season

    Child’s Play - Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition

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    Irma Thomas: Time Is Still On Her Side

    Ashanti Interview

    Mariah Carey's E=MC²

    Janet Jackson's Discipline

    Janet Jackson Gives "Discipline"

    Dance Diva Cheri Dennis: "It’s All Love!"

    Mary J. Blige's Growing Pains

    Alicia Keys' As I Am

    Gina Gershon Rocks Out

    Review: Adventures of Mimi DVD

    Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends Nintendo DS

    Patti LaBelle on Divas, Gays, and Comfortable Shoes

    Review: Ghosts Of Cite’ Soleil DVD

    Review: Roots: The Next Generations DVD

    Review: I Love New York - The Complete Unrated First Season DVD

    Review: Girlfriends - The Second Season DVD

    Review: College Hill - Virginia State University DVD

    Gold Standard: Talking with Ari Gold

    Ms. Kelly Goes Solo

    Review: Black Snake Moan DVD

    Review: Soul Food - The Series: The Second Season DVD

    Review: Big Easy to Big Empty DVD

    Tweetie Hits MTV’s ’Dances From the Hood’

    Review: "Insomniac" by Enrique Iglesias

    Review: "Good Girl Gone Bad" by Rihanna


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    Vibe Interview: Five Minutes with Robin Thicke

    Bringing Patti LaBelle Home for the Holidays

    Sawing His Way to the Top: Lyriq Bent

    My Album's Out: Angie Stone

    Out the Box Office: Tasha Smith

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    Babyface: My Album's Out

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    Changing the Game: John Amaechi

    Crossed That River: Mary Mary

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    Danity Kane: Return of Girl Power

    Donell Jones: Journey of Donell

    Take the Lead Movie Review

    50 Cent: Business as Usual

    Jaguar Wright: Married to Soul

    Robin Thicke: Evolving Soul


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 0 comments
    When Black Celebrities Find Jesus

    The Barack Obama/Donnie McClurkin Debacle

    Patti LaBelle Thoughts on Life

    Usher: Still Standing


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 1 comments

    Reggae Fest to Draw Protests

    Bringing Dance to New Communities

    Kevin Aviance: Walk the Walk


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 0 comments
    The Liberation of Mya

    Kelly Rowland: Ms. Kelly Returns

    Eve: Let There Be Eve

    Kerry Washington: I Think We Love Kerry

    Jamie Foxx: Being the Dream

    Hilary Swank: Freedom Actor

    Lucky MF'er: Kevin Federline

    Get Rich or Die Tryin' Movie Review

    Mike Gunther: Living Out The Dream

    Jay Lynch: Reality & The Impossible


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