Clay Cane is a New York City-based writer who is recognized for his contributions in journalism. Clay is a regular contributor for various print and online publications such as The Advocate and He is the author of the highly anticipated novel Ball-Shaped World, which is a fictionalized account of the black and Latino ballroom scene. Also, he is the Entertainment Editor at and a member of New York Film Critics Online. He can be reached at

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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    I am the newest blogger to Logo owned Yes, between, freelancing and several other projects -- I somehow managed to take on another job!

    Check out some of my greatest hits from the past week.

    R&B singer Tyrese banning the gays?

    Don't let the sun go down on George Michael

    BET's Meet The Faith meets the gays

    The DL Chronicles

    A gay icon is born: Nikki Blonsky

    Bill Duke's new film on "Downlow Men"


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    Thursday, June 28, 2007

    Check out my story on Kevin Aviance for the New York Blade. It is available online and in print. Aviance is the first drag queen to design a line of women's shoes. In the interview he discusses the shoe line, the brutal beating in 2006 and much more.

    Check out Kevin's website to view or purchase the shoes.

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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    Check out my DVD review of Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson. The DVD is in stores today.

    Black Snake Moan is a movie you want to like even before you see it. The cast alone is engrossing--Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. How can you go wrong? Well, you can!

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:03 PM :: 9 comments


    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Friday, on the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Experience Radio Show Rodney Chester from Noah's Arc came in as a guest. To my knowledge, Chester was the first Noah's Arc cast member to be a guest on the show—congrats to Rodney!

    Chester handled Wendy extremely well, even when she got shady…during Wendy's regular camp banter she made a comment about Rodney Chester being gay. Chester quickly responded with, "Who said I was gay?" Immediately, Wendy Williams was sent into a complete ball of confusion, stuttering and asking if he was joking. Chester went onto explain that he and the other cast members want to keep a level of mystery in regard to their sexuality. In regard to Chester Wendy yelled, "THERE IS NO MYSTERY!" She proceeded to jabber about his poppin' lip gloss, all of the gay-oriented roles he has played, being a choreographer—things she argued were stereotypically gay…this must be what Larry King felt in that scary interview with Clay Aiken in 2006. A bewildered Wendy surveyed the room and asked who thought Chester was gay—the entire room raised their hands.

    Wendy Williams seemed as confused as many Noah's Arc fans with Chester (exception of Doug Spearman who is openly gay) not being openly gay. While I completely understand actors wanting the work to “stand on its own”—I think critics would argue that identifying their sexuality wouldn’t make people say they are no longer acting. Furthermore, the public, especially the gays, do not want to feel as if they are being lied to. For example, when we see a sweaty, crack-ish Whitney Houston twitching in an interview and saying she is not on drugs—it makes her look even higher!

    I’m not saying Rodney Chester (or anyone in Noah’s Arc) is a flaming queen and I do know some people in the cast are actually straight. However, some would argue the real mystery is not if they are gay or straight…but, why aren't the ones who are gay just admitting it? Does it send a message to other gay black actors that if you are openly gay you should not mention your sexuality? I could see if the roles had nothing to do with sexuality, but the premise of Noah's Arc is about four black gay men in Hollywood. Interesting--but you decide.

    In my 2006 interview with the director of Noah's Arc, Patrik-Ian Polk, who is openly gay, he said "65/35" of the cast are straight.

    Rodney Chester did confirm the movie is still in the works and the second season DVD is avaiable now. Be sure to pick up a copy!

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    Posted by Clay :: 10:03 AM :: 21 comments


    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the straights…not the straights who read my site, you all are cool with me! So, please don't send me emails or post messages saying, "Not all of the straights are like that!"

    My Monday interview with Kelly Rowland has made the rounds from the internet to radio stations in Los Angeles. I thought the chatter would be Ms. Kelly saying she has never experienced racism or being a dark-skinned woman in the industry hasn't affected her career. Do you know what many are getting out of the interview? That Kelly Rowland is a lesbian…what in Sam Hill?

    You mean to tell me because the girl supports the gays and said Angelina Jolie is her “girl-crush”, the safest girl-crush to say on the planet, people think she is a carpet muncher? Kelly Rowland is just as likely to bump and grind with a woman as Tyler Perry!

    The interview was pretty obvious that it was tongue and cheek and although I shouldn’t be shocked—I am. Do people have no basic comprehension skills? Here is the question many of the straights are having a breakdown about.

    Who would be your girl-crush in hip-hop or Hollywood?
    I’d say…that’s so hard, it is…I think like an Angelina Jolie or a Drew Barrymore. [Laughs] I know that’s two totally different people but I just love how confident they are. I love how happy Drew Barrymore is all time. Angelina Jolie has just got that confident beauty thing going for her—she is absolutely stunning.

    To prove my point here are some comments from several message boards about Kelly supposedly living life on the DL. It gets pretty ignorant…

    i said it second kelly is gay, don't be surprise that she comes out and admits it. after all she was engaged and broke it off because of some lame excuse, and she's now seeing a football player, and not passing booty?? this whole world is turning gay

    Homosexuality is an Abomination , Which means Detestable in the sight of "God",A friend of the world in an enemy to"God". Are you not a believer? (Kelly)

    I don't go to gay clubs dance in gay areas none of that! If you are not that why visit that. Birds of a feather flop together...Check That.....Kelly do not sleep with men but dancing and sanging in gay clubs come on Kelly you are not fooling nobody you and bi sexual EVE!

    XXX -
    So does this mean she's givin dick up for real. Kelly say it aint so.

    XXXX -
    i think kelly is a lesbian the way she is always talking about Bee. she doesn't strike me has the type who likes men at all. no disrespect. i believe she on the DL.

    XXX -
    Kelly loves her some white folks. I wouldn't be surprised if she came out of that closet. What straight woman has homo crushes?

    What's up with Kelly? First Orlando Bloom, now this.

    XXX –
    I'm so sick of black people jumping on white folks bandwagons. White people are always talking about having crushes on same-sex celebrities but claiming to be straight. Not cool at all. I have this pic of Kells & Bey and the way Kells is holding her azz you would think that is her man and Bey is all up on her posted up. Think about it, there were a lot of lonely nights while growing up together and while touring. Although I do believe that Bey has moved on from that "experimental phase" and is NOW "strickly" now that she has found her true MALE love!

    XXXX -
    kelly is a lesbo

    beyonce is a mini-lesbo = BEARD

    jayz is gay

    that's the true story folks ..

    XXXX –
    Why would a straight woman like GAY clubs in particular? That is so ...EWWWW .

    XXX -
    Kellyi s a dyke end ofstory.

    XXXX -
    Hmmm. . . she doesn't like sex, always riding Bey's clit, can't keep a man, plus she wasn't raised by her mother and Tina "adopted" her . . . well it's official Kelly is GAY.

    XXX -

    One person attempts to talk some sense into the straights:

    Hello the man that interviewed her is gay himself...Besides she does have to support the gay community because she does have gay fans. I wonder how many people bothered to check the source and read the other questions. Dude str8 up asked her who her girl crush would be, lol, what was she supposed to say, I hate gay people knowing that they make up a large part of her already small fanbase? He also directly asked her about Bey and DC. Drop some black names so we caqn feel good while we're still not buying her shit. Wake up! Beyonce slipped and she only said that she 'MAKES MUSIC FOR BLACK PEOPLE' and instantly her sales for B-day started slipping. This girl is no fool, she knows who has the purchasing power in America. People been doing it for years. Shit, I don't really buy albums so I sure as hell wouldn't be knocking nobody hustle whos trying to sell um. And don't bother replying to mw telling me you buy albums cuz you would be one of the few black folks that actually do.

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 22 comments


    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Kelly Rowland Interview on the EDGE
    Check out my second Kelly Rowland on the EDGE. Rowland discusses more about the gays, doing a song with Jay-Z, does she still have Beyonce approve her music and more.

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 2 comments


    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Someone needs to call, fax, or send a telegram to Babbling Isaiah and tell him to never comment on Grey's Anatomy again!

    I have not written a cotton-pickin' thing about Isaiah Washington and the Grey's Anatomy debacle. I never watched the show before the media firestorm nor have I watched the show after the media firestorm. I really have no opinion on whether his contract should or should not have been renewed. I do think it is important to celebrate the diverse cast, with or without Washington. Well, after I read these recent comments from Washington, I was officially done:

    "This happened to Malcolm X, this happened to Paul Robeson—this misconception can happen to any man of power that loves himself and wants to spread that love and that humanity throughout the world."

    Hold my mule! Isaiah comparing himself to icons like Paul Robeson and Malcolm X is as bad as Jermaine Jackson saying the Michael Jackson child molestation accusation was a "modern day lynching". Could you imagine if Star Jones would've compared herself to Coretta Scott King after not getting her contract renewed? Isaiah is a rich man in Hollywood, not a civil rights leader. This is a classic example of a celebrity taking himself too seriously.

    The turbo-bottom line is after apologies, a public service announcement, rehab and a standing ovation at the NAACP Image Awards (Wait, choking someone and calling your co-worker a faggot gives you a standing ovation? Good thing, OJ didn’t show up!)—Washington is still rich, but unemployed. So what? There are other unemployed black men to worry about other than Isaiah.

    In addition, earlier this week Washington spoke about himself in third person, “I hope that everyone is happy for the outcome for Isaiah, but Isaiah will go on and do what I love to do. And I have to go about the business of letting people know what's written about me is not the truth.” I am curious to know what exactly this “business” will be. Maybe a Broadway musical revival of To Wong Fu with Isaiah playing Chi Chi Rodriguez? Playing Noxzema Jackson would just be too obvious—Tim Hardaway would be better!
    What I find interesting is the people who are upset about Isaiah's contract not being renewing are saying things like, "Gay people are never satisfied! What else can he do?" Those were the same comments good ole' conservative white folks were saying about black folks when it came to Don Imus getting fired, "Black people are never satisfied! What else can he do?" Washington and Imus are completely different situations, but it's interesting both groups have the same complaints.

    This I know for sure...imagine if a teenage Washington worked at the GAP, called a co-worker a faggot (especially considering all the butch queens who work at the GAP!) and tried to strangle someone in front of customers—surely, he would’ve been “fired” instantaneously. Some argue ABC moved slowly on “terminating” Isaiah, but allowing him to finish his contract for the year was more than fair. Team Isaiah and Team Grey's Anatomy should both be satisfied with Washington not returning. Isaiah will work again! People get the pink slip everyday, hopefully he has learned that choke holds and slurs are not acceptable from the GAP to Hollywood.

    Thank God Isaiah is attractive or I would never support him again!


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 7 comments


    Monday, June 18, 2007

    Ms. Kelly Interview

    I caught up with Ms. Kelly via phone as she was whipping through the hectic New York City streets on a Thursday afternoon. In the middle of the interview Kelly let out, “Oh my God! Listen, I’m just riding on this bumpy street and my head is about to hit the top of the car! So, I’m just really irritated.” She laughed with me, “Sorry!”

    Many people have asked me who was the meanest, funniest, coolest or best people I have interviewed…some of those I’ll never tell. But, I will say Kelly Rowland was one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed. She reminds me of the girl who would be “Most Friendly” in a high school year book. Believe me, in the world of Hollywood glamour a genuine nice personality isn’t easy to come by.

    Kelly Rowland is truly on her grind and finally her second solo album, Ms. Kelly, is hitting stores on July 3rd. Here is a first of a series of my interviews with Kelly Rowland. In this interview a cheerful and relaxed Kelly (despite the bumpy road!) talks “the gays”, the ballroom scene, her vocals, Beyoncé and more.

    Lately, you've been doing a lot of gay press; we've seen you working many of the gay clubs. Destiny Child's didn't seem to reach out to the gay community the same way. What made you decide as a solo artist to reach out to the gays?
    I hate the way that sounds, “the gays.” People are people! But, you know what, Destiny’s Child, we have a big gay fan base and they have been very supportive. I have friends that are gay and they’re like, “Ma, you need to go to the clubs and come visit the kids.” So, I’m just like, okay, I thought it would possibly be me going there once and just see what would happen—but I had a good time! Here in New York I always go to this one place called Splash and I have the best time! I think I have the best time rather than any other time that I do go out.

    Oh yeah, I’ve been to Splash, it’s cool.
    Yeah, but the gay community has been very, very supportive toward Destiny’s Child, individually as well as completely.

    About a year ago you performed at the Asian Music Awards and toward the end you had some elements of the dance form vogue in the performance, which is part of a subculture called the ballroom scene. What inspired that and who taught you the vogue dances moves?
    My friends and my choreographer—it’s so funny because I watch tapes of balls all the time. I’m just amazed at how some people get on the floor and they’re just contortionists, they do all these different moves. I wanted to put pieces of that into my choreography, it’s just so creative. When I watch the balls it’s just so many creative people that put that together and I’m just amazed by it. I wanted a piece of that element in my show. It’ll be in my stage show for tour as well.

    Who would be your girl-crush in hip-hop or Hollywood?
    I’d say…that’s so hard, it is…I think like an Angelina Jolie or a Drew Barrymore. [Laughs] I know that’s two totally different people but I just love how confident they are. I love how happy Drew Barrymore is all time. Angelina Jolie has just got that confident beauty thing going for her—she is absolutely stunning.

    Some of your fans feel like you are not getting the same push as Beyoncé. What's your reaction to that?
    They’re going to forever compare me to Bey because we have been in the group together so long and our paths are two different paths—they can’t continue to do that. The funny thing is I know it’s coming from a caring place with the fans. At the same time I actually see what’s going on up at Sony, I see what’s going on up at my management company and I make sure I get the same push. They have to remember that Bey has all these different deals and things going on and I don’t have those opportunities yet, but they will come and I don’t compare myself to Bey. I will go into Sony or management and definitely tell them what I want and so far I’ve got it. If there’s anything I feel like I’m not getting then I'll be vocal about that too.

    June is Black Music Month and black artists have come a long way. As a woman of color in the music industry do you experience racism?
    I haven't experienced any, thank God. So that's my answer, I haven't experienced any.

    I heard Lauryn Hill talk about this back in the day. There is a perception among some people that light-skinned black women in the music industry get more play. The majority of R&B female singers like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys are all very light-skinned. I’m wondering for you being a brown to dark-skinned woman has that at all affected your experiences in the music industry or with this project?
    That hasn’t affected me. I know I never like to go back and forth with light-skinned, dark-skinned—I would hope we’re not in those times anymore. But, it is sad to me, I must say, to not be able to get a cover to a magazine unless I’m either white or I’m fair-skinned. When a black woman is on a cover of a magazine it doesn’t sell. How sad is that? When they do take a risk at it, it’s always that answer, “See, we took a risk and look what happens, we didn’t sell the magazine. We didn’t sell as much as we would’ve”, or whatever it is, which is really sad to me.

    Has that happened to you specifically?
    No, it hasn’t happened to me specifically. I’ve just heard different stories about that. It’s sad that we still live in a time like that.

    The internet is buzzing about a comment you supposedly made saying you have no need for sex and it’s overrated—
    [LOUD Laughter] Sorry! [Laughs]

    Have you heard about this? It’s all over the internet! Did you really mean it in that way?
    I just said it’s overrated! [Laughs] I said it was overrated—that was in Vibe Magazine. I said it because I think it’s important when you decide to take that step with your partner that you’re both in love and you can just experience it on an amazing level.

    People were telling me, “She don’t like sex!” I was like, okay, I don’t know…
    You’re like, “I’ll ask this question—this is just burning!” [Laughs]

    How would you describe yourself as a vocalist?
    I feel like my voice is very like…I hope I don’t sound funny when I say this…my voice is angelic. I have a little soul at times. I think that simple is beautiful. You know, I’ll throw a little sass in there, when I say sass, I mean, like a riff. I think you don’t have to riff all the time to call yourself a singer. I love to listen to Beyoncé riff all day, she’s one person I love to listen to because her’s is just so different and it’s just so hot. Her, Karen Clarke Sheard and Kim Burrell—love to hear them sing all day long. But, then I love simplicity with artists like Sade. I know Whitney Houston with some of her first records she wasn’t doing as much of it, but when she did, it was a killer!

    If a Kelly Rowland drag queen had to battle a Beyoncé drag queen—what pointers would you give the Kelly Rowland drag queen?
    [Laughs] I don’t know! I’m always smiling. I’d say smile a lot, I don’t know…that is a really good question—you’re asking me too many good questions! I know for me I smile a lot on stage and I love to flirt.

    Are you flattered by drag queens imitating you and Destiny’s Child?
    Definitely! That’s the best, like if I were to go to club Splash and you catch a drag queen going up on stage and going for blood! I love it! That’s the best.

    All right Kelly thank you for the interview and just so you know “the gays” have got your back—we are supporting you!
    Don’t say that—I hate that! [Laughs]

    We’re just the gays! We call ourselves the gays.
    [Laughs] It was so funny because a friend of mine, he says the same thing and I say, “Don’t say that!” Or, the F-word—I hate the F-word!

    Oh yeah, I don’t use that but some use that among themselves. How did you feel about calling Freddy Kruger a faggot in FREDDY VS. JASON?
    I hated it! But, it was in my script—what am I suppose to do? When my make-up artist says that sometimes I just look at him crazy. He’s like, "I know, you don’t like that.”

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the N-word?
    It doesn’t have to be used.

    Okay, Ms. Kelly—we’re looking forward to July 3rd.
    Thank you so much! I appreciate the support.

    Check out Kelly's performance at the 2006 Asian Video Music Awards where she vogues toward the end and falls into a dip. GO OFF KELLY!

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    Posted by Clay :: 10:20 AM :: 15 comments


    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Check out my interview with Tweetie also known as Tweetie Ninja, one of the late-great Willi Ninja's children from the House of Ninja. Tweetie has went from the ballroom scene to Oprah to MTV! Tweetie's new show Dances From Tha Hood debuts on MTV Sunday, June 17th at 8pm. In this interview, Tweetie talks on Oprah, Willi Ninja and hip-hop's reaction to the gay community.

    You might remember Laneya "Tweetie" Starker from an episode of Oprah as, "Oprah and Gayle’s hip-hop instructor." Tweetie helped Oprah find the beat and before we knew it Oprah could’ve been a backup dancer for Beyonce...well, not exactly, but hopefully the Big O will no longer clap offbeat when she is singing the wrong lyrics to our favorite songs!

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:27 AM :: 3 comments


    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Review on the EDGE: Enrique Igelsias

    Oh, one is safe. Check out my review of Enrique Igelsias' new album Insominac, which is in stores today.

    While Insomniac isn't a complete snoozer, there are moments of heavy narcolepsy...somebody give me a NoDoz! For example, "Push" is Enrique's weak attempt at hip-hop with a duet from D-list rapper Lil' Wayne. What's next, Ricky Martin doing a posthumous duet with Ole' Dirty Bastard? More snoozers continue and sometimes get laughable like in the yawner, "On Top of You", which sounds like the title of an early '90's gay porn that hasn't been transferred to DVD. Enrique sings, "Baby, you're going to love what I do when I'm on top of you." Really, Enrique? I guess after all those, as he said, "hurtful" 2005 rumors about his tiny penis and supposedly starting his own "small condom" line a song like that is necessary...? The first half of the CD is tragically uninspiring with thin vocals and music that resembles sound affects for an early '80's Atari video game.


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 14 comments


    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Review on the EDGE: Big Easy to Big Empty

    Check out my review on the latest Hurricane Katrina documentary, Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans.

    The public should never grow tired of hearing the tragic stories of Hurricane Katrina. Each person’s story is personal, not just another casualty. Nonetheless, when investigative reporter Greg Palast attempts to tell "untold" stories and conspiracies, the film feels half full, especially if the viewer has seen Spike Lee’s flawless five-part documentary When the Levees Broke. For example, an interview with the LSU Hurricane Center explains the poorly built levees and the lack of a proper evacuation plan. However, these points are less of an untold story and more hardcore clarification that what Kanye West said is true, "George Bush doesn’t care about black people!"

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 PM :: 2 comments


    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Eve Interview on Men's Fitness
    Check out my additional interview with rapper/actress Eve on Men's Fitness. The interview is also advertised in the August issue of Men's Fitness with Tiger Woods on the cover.

    Let There Be Eve

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 1 comments


    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Today is the icon's birthday...Prince Rogers Nelson. The flamboyant legend is 49 years-old today. He looks absolutely dashing to be nearly 50 with a face like 12 year-old white girl and a streamline figure that's constantly doused in cloaks, semi-gowns, beads, bangles and jewels. Prince has still got it.

    My love affair with Prince began as a child due to my mother being a huge Prince fan. I don’t even think “fan” is the right word; she was deeply obsessed with the 5’2” (5’3” – 5’4” in a good pump!) musical prodigy. Yes, my mother was like one of those crazy Michael Jackson fans, but Prince was her addiction.

    I grew up hearing Prince nearly every day. If I listen to 1983’s 1999 album memories pop up that I haven't thought of in years; his music is in the fabric of my memory. When Purple Rain was released in 1984 it was a major event in my house. Keep in my mind, I was 7 in 1984 so my mother was 24...still very young and not totally over her fanatical fan years that we all go through.

    There was a Prince contest at a local radio station where the first twenty pe
    ople in line with purple balloons would get an advanced copy of the Purple Rain album. My mother and her best friend arrived at the station a lil' too late, but that was not going to stop a crazed Italian woman and an even more crazed Mexican woman from getting their advanced copy of his "purple badness". When the radio station opened its doors a big commotion started, my mother and her friend stormed to the front of the line and in the process smacked a woman in the face with a batch of purple balloons. Everyone began shouting at them, but they could care less as they screamed and jumped up and down when they had Purple Rain in their hands. That album was played on heavy rotation for the rest of the eighties in my house.

    When Purple Rain opened in theatres my mother could not find a babysitter. Well, she dragged me along with her! When the smoky silhouette of Prince hit the screen, my mother squeezed my hand and began screaming and crying. I was yelling, "Mom, stop! You're embarrassing me!"

    Every time Prince appeared on the movie screen she reacted like it wasn't a Prince movie and she had no idea he would flash on the screen, "Ahhhh -- oh, Lord that's him!" "Ahhhhh -- PRINCE!" "Ahhhhhhh -- I love him!" All throughout the movie she was bawling and hollering while covering my eyes when the sex scenes popped up. I was completely mortified...she would see the movie five more times in theatres, the times I was forced to go again she always had the same reaction.

    I could go on forever about my mother's obsession with Prince, but my first memory of Prince is actually a milestone in my life. My mother used to have all of his albums decorated around the house like he was her boyfriend. Album covers on the window sill, in the kitchen; propped up by the TV…each corner of the house had a Prince album. I remember as a young child...this just might be my first gay memory...mesmerized by the Dirty Mind album cover. He was seductively standing in black briefs, a bandanna around his neck and a trashy '80's jacket against a spring bed. I was strangely attracted to the album cover and would just stare at it for what seemed like hours. Yes, Prince officially made me gay.

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 17 comments


    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad Music Review on the EDGE
    The EDGE is a new publication I am writing for -- a LGBT publication with over 750,000 readers. Check out my review for Rihanna's latest CD in stores today.

    Another great name for Rihanna’s third album would be “Reggae Girl Gone Pop”. While Rihanna’s voice sounds like Minnie Mouse being strangled, nearly every song is sticky-pop perfection. Good Girl Gone Bad is an excellent pop album and will more than likely be the biggest album of her career. Yes, the content is flavorless and the voice is powerless, but Rihanna isn’t asking to be taken seriously—she is asking to replace Beyoncé.


    Posted by Clay :: 10:00 AM :: 17 comments


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