Clay Cane is a New York City-based writer who is recognized for his contributions in journalism. Clay is a regular contributor for various print and online publications such as The Advocate and He is the author of the highly anticipated novel Ball-Shaped World, which is a fictionalized account of the black and Latino ballroom scene. Also, he is the Entertainment Editor at and a member of New York Film Critics Online. He can be reached at

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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Ever since I interviewed Janet Jackson a few weeks ago I have been waiting for this interview to come out. It was one of the greatest interview experiencing I've ever had. Janet was fun, great sense of humor and had no problem answering all of my questions... even when I brought up Madonna (although I was scared as hell to mention Madge!).

    Janet and I discuss her gay fans, celebrity girl-crush, how Jermaine Dupri handles the gays around her and much more. I love the cover, which says, "WHY MISS JACKSON WANTS TO BE A MAN AND KICK MADONNA'S ASS". You can pick up this week's copy of HX anywhere on the streets of Manhattan, but for now click on the link below to read the full interview.

    Janet Jackson: Disciplined Diva

    I will post the audio of this interview in a couple weeks. Also, I have two more interviews with Janet coming out in the next month -- be on the look out!

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 9 comments


    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Check out my review of Erykah Badu's New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War over at The Daily Voice.

    She is deeply eclectic, but sometimes unattainable. In some of the music and themes for 4th World War I said to myself, "I guess I'm just not smart enough for this!" In "Master Teacher" Badu repeatedly questions, "What if there was no niggas, only master teachers?" After a few listens I wasn't exactly sure of her message, except for an exercise in prophetic complexity.

    Whatever the case, New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) is an incredible R&B, funk, rock record. On the other hand, I would've liked to hear more of Badu's flawless vocals, which always shines in her unforgettable live performances. Badu has yet to deliver a studio album that showcases her dynamic voice, which, believe it or not, is less Billie Holiday and more Chaka Khan.

    Click Here For Full Review

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    Posted by Clay :: 10:52 AM :: 5 comments


    Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Rock 'n roll white chicks from the 1990s were incredible. Take a light stroll down memory lane!

    Tori Amos is strikingly brilliant and 1995's "Cornflake Girl" is one of her best songs... plus, the video was sickening!


    Shirley Manson from the rock group Garbage was amazing in the 1990's. 1996's "Only Happy When It Rains" is still a classic.


    Courtney Love 's band Hole was the true resurrection of hardcore girl rock. "Violet" was one of their biggest hits, "Go on take everything, take everything... I want you too!"


    Posted by Clay :: 9:48 AM :: 4 comments


    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Check out my review of Janet's Discipline, which is in stores today!

    Nonetheless, the biggest error with "Discipline" is there wasn’t enough input from the icon herself. She wrote and produced very little on this project, which is disappointing since she is the first black female recording artist to receive a Grammy nomination for Producer of the Year. Some of the directions the album took didn’t feel like the Janet we all know and worship. Even Britney Spears would protest if music or lyrics didn’t fit her. I could see it now, while grubbing on some KFC and guzzling Budweiser, Britney screaming, "That ain’t me!"

    No, this is not a comeback record nor will there be any number one singles, but it’s tough to say this isn’t a solid pop album. Moreover, if the legend never has another hit record, she has still made a historical mark on pop culture. No one can take that away from Miss Janet Jackson.

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:06 PM :: 12 comments


    Monday, February 25, 2008

    You may not know Cheri Dennis, but I'm sure you've heard her song "Portrait of Love". Cheri's debut CD In And Out of Love, hits stores tomorrow and she'll be at Club Splash in NYC Tuesday night for a live performance.

    You'll get an idea of her sassy personality in my interview with her for The Edge. Cheri talks about rumors that she likes to munch the carpet, Diddy being the drag queen of hip-hop and much more. It's a good cackle...


    Posted by Clay :: 10:00 AM :: 2 comments


    Friday, February 22, 2008

    If you're a Janet Jackson fan, right about now it's good to be a reader of

    On Tuesday, February 26th Janet Jackson will be performing at the Nokia Theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York for Good Morning America. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Janet in such a small venue!

    So do you want tickets to see Miss Janet? In order to get your tickets you must be able to be at the Nokia Theater in Manhattan at 6:30am on Tuesday -- doors open at 7am. Also, while you need tickets to attend, I do recommend getting there as early as possible for good seats -- getting there too late might result in bad seats or you might be turned away.

    Now, to enter through you need to have commented at least once on my blog -- you could have commented at anytime, but anonymous comments do not count. So email me your past comment to and if you email me in time, you will get your pair (two) of tickets. Hurry - hurry - the tickets are vanishing quickly!

    Also, be on the look out next week for my interview with Janet Jackson!


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 6 comments


    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    "Irreplaceable" rewritten by Clay Cane, dedicated with love to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

    To the left, to the left...
    To the left, to the left ...

    Mmmm, to the left, to the left
    Everything Hill owns in the box to the left
    All the people, they're Barack's votes

    Yes, he won it, bitch, don't touch (don't touch!)

    And keep using those tears, that's fine
    Could you cry and walk, at the same time?
    It's Obama's name, whippin' that ass

    Tax returns missing and now you have no cash

    Bill Clinton's on YouTube, telling me
    Obama's "fairytale" news, talking 'bout
    "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina too"

    I knew he was racist!

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We wouldn't have another Clinton for a minute
    Matter fact, Barack will be here in a minute (BAY-BAY)

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We don't want you here for tomorrow
    You should've never for a second got to thinkin'
    You were irreplaceable...

    Ten losses, right in a row
    Your campaign's fired so take Chelsea home

    Oops! You thought that we didn't know

    What do you think we're voting you out for?

    Because you were untrue…
    Voting for Iraq and Iran with the power we gave you
    Healthcare shouldn't be mandatory

    You bombed on healthcare in '93!

    Standing with Maxine Waters, telling me
    "No experience", how 'bout…
    He's got more bills passed than you!
    The First Lady is twisted...

    You must not know 'bout Obama

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We wouldn't have another Clinton for a minute
    Matter fact, Barack will be here in a minute (BAY-BAY)

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We don't want you here for tomorrow
    You should've never for a second got to thinkin'
    You were irreplaceable...

    Now Negros aren't your everything (not Maya)
    I knew we were nothing (not Magic)

    Nothing at all to you (not 50, not Whoopi)
    Latinos are leaving you too
    "Adios Señorita Hill!"

    'Cause the truth of the matter is
    Replacing you is so easy

    To the left, to the left
    To the left, to the left

    Mmmm, to the left, to the left
    Everything you own in the box to the left

    You should've never for a second got to thinking
    You were irreplaceable...

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We wouldn't have another Clinton for a minute
    Matter fact, Barack will be here in a minute (BAY-BAY)

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama

    We don't want another Clinton for tomorrow

    You should've never for a second got to thinking…

    You must not know 'bout Obama
    You must not know 'bout Obama
    We wouldn't have another Clinton for a minute
    Matter fact, Barack will be here in a minute (BAY-BAY)

    You can pack all your bags, you're finished (you must not know 'bout Obama)

    'Cause you bombed Iraq, now lay in it (you must not know 'bout Obama)
    We don't want you here for tomorrow
    You should've never for a second got to thinkin'
    You were irreplaceable...

    Rewrote by Clay Cane


    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 12 comments


    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Check out my DVD review of The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav, one of the most hilarious comedy specials I have ever seen my life. I know I should be embarrassed to admit it!


    Posted by Clay :: 11:11 AM :: 1 comments


    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Thank Jim Crow Jesus it's Friday! Well, just a couple things for today.

    Above is the caption winner for the Girlfriends: The Third Season DVD giveaway. However, the person was anonymous and never emailed me... so, runner-up is Wonderlove for the comment:

    Obama: Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is the size of the cigar Bill stuck in Monica's matza riddled twat. Now if Hillary can't get down with that pinch of freaky-deaky, imagine how much a prude she'll be as your president!

    Congrats and thank you to everyone who submitted a caption!

    Check out my review of Girlfriends: The Third Season DVD on the Edge - click here.

    Have you ever heard of Da Doo Dirty Show? Well, now is the time to check it out! Click here for a link to me being interviewed by DJ Baker. The interview starts at 25:17. He tried to back me in a corner with some of those slick questions, thank the Lawd I am an experienced journalist!

    Have a good weekend!


    Posted by Clay :: 12:06 AM :: 2 comments


    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Season three of Girlfriends is in stores today and you can win a free copy! This season is one of the show's most popular seasons and includes guest stars like Common, Rockmand Dunbar, Jennifer Lewis, Kimberly Elise and more.

    In honor of today being the Chesapeake election, caption my favorite Obama/Clinton picture below. Email me your caption or post it in the comment section, just be sure you are not anonymous. All captions due by 9am EST tomorrow, February 13th.


    Posted by Clay :: 10:34 AM :: 19 comments


    Friday, February 08, 2008

    Throughout black history month I will be highlighting some little facts (some known, some not), in African and African-American history. I hope you enjoy.

    * Contrary to popular belief, African kings were not as willing to sell their people into slavery as people think. The argument of, "Well Africans sold their own people!" is ridiculous. There wasn't CNN back then, it took some time to realize Europeans were creating this form of chattel slavery. Many kings protested and in 1526 King Affonso of Congo wrote to King João of Portugal:

    "Each day the traders are kidnapping our people of this country, sons of our nobles and vassals, even people of our own family [King Affonso's nephews and grandchildren had been kidnapped while en route to Portugal for religious education and sent into slavery in Brazil] . . . This corruption and depravity are so widespread that our land is entirely depopulated . . . . It is our wish that this Kingdom not be a place for the trade or transport of slaves."

    King João responded with: "You . . . tell me that you want no slave-trading in your domains, because this trade is depopulating your country. . . . The Portuguese there, on the contrary, tell me how vast the Congo is, and how it is so thickly populated that it seems as if no slave has ever left."

    * Southern Homestead Law in June 1866:

    You know the term 40 acres and a mule? This is part of where the term comes from. Good white folks decided to give African-Americans 47 million acres of land that was stolen from American Indians. Over 40,000 entries were filed, however, by 1876 that Southern Homestead Law was repudiated and what land that was given away, people were thrown off the land.

    * Citizenship was not fully guaranteed to African-Americans till 1870. However, American Indians had to wait till the Nationality Act of 1940 for citizenship.

    * While the thirteenth amendment banned slavery, there was a little wording that gave some leeway, which was "except when it is used as a form of punishment". This glitch in the thirteenth amendment allowed generations of black men to be locked away for basically no crime at all. Many people explain this is one of the reasons why so many black men are in prisons today.

    All facts taken from Ethics Along The Color Line by Anna Stubblefield.


    Posted by Clay :: 11:09 AM :: 5 comments


    Wednesday, February 06, 2008

    Written By John Walker

    John Walker is a frequent reader of He is a black gay man, born and raised in New York City. I do not fully agree with his opinion, but I think he is expressing what many New York City African-Americans are feeling post Super Tuesday. The strife between Latinos and blacks is not just limited to Mexicans in California.

    This has been brewing for sometime now; it's crystal clear that we as black people are on our own. We've seen signs of it in recent years but the process is now complete. Gone are the days of the Black Panthers, the Young Lords, the Black and Puerto Rican studies departments in City College, or even the useless Black and Puerto Rican Caucus in the New York State Legislature. Every gain we, as New York City African-Americans, received, we’ve brought Puerto Ricans and Dominicans with us.

    Let it be known—Latinos voted against black people when they voted against Senator Barack Obama. Ever since the last census when Latinos were declared America's largest minority the battle for number two has been on. Yes, I know blacks have their own xenophobic ideas around language and immigration—but Blacks don't strategically block Latino ascendancy into power.

    I knew that Obama would lose the Chicano vote out west, and I expected the Cubans in New Jersey would go with Hillary. However, I thought that New York City Puerto Ricans and Dominicans might show something different—NO WAY JOSE! Latinos in New York City voted for Senator Hillary Clinton at 74%. I'm not ashamed to say it—THE LATINOS PLAYED US!

    It’s time that Black leaders stop talking about "People of Color" this and "Multiculturalism" that, and start speaking and planning for us. I feel like I should even re-evaluate all of my relationships... down to my barber because that money isn't going into the hands of the black community.

    Please don't respond with some BS like "that's what the white man wants us to do... divide and conquer." America is about factions and a competition for resources; read Federalist Paper no. 18 by James Madison. It's time for us to close ranks!

    This race is coming down to purely demographics, by in large Obama is winning in states where there are huge black populations or most white voters are Republican. If a Negro with a white mama who has steered cleared of all black leaders, except for Oprah, can't win, then who can? You can't get more race neutral than that...other than NOT marrying a black woman.

    The betrayal from Latinos is a consequence of black people making a conscience decision in the early ‘80’s not to be BLACK anymore. We decided to be "multi-cultural", "biracial" and "diverse." I feel like a raisin in the sun, but I hope I stay mad for a long time. Long enough to change who I date, who I shop with...I'm so serious. I wonder if they have a Nigerian spousal mail order service. I’m disgusted.

    John Walker is a guest writer for This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of Clay Cane.

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    Posted by Clay :: 9:30 AM :: 37 comments


    Monday, February 04, 2008

    Pre the endorsement of Senator Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy and now the First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, Barack Obama had no powerful or noticeable endorsements from whites. He won Iowa, South Carolina and more delegates in Nevada than Clinton, purely on his message and with one powerful endorsement—Oprah Winfrey.

    However, it’s quite the opposite for the Clinton Dynasty. African-Americans like the Reverend Calvin Butts, Magic Johnson, Maxine Waters and even Bob Johnson of BET “endorsed” Senator Hillary Clinton. I wondered, again, pre the endorsements of those listed above, what made them publicly endorse the Clinton Dynasty considering at the time Obama wasn't getting the same love from white celebrities?

    Am I too focused on a bit of solidarity? Am I too focused on the historical aspects of this campaign, coupled with the flawlessness of Senator Barack Obama? There is no problem voting for the Clinton(s), but I was a little taken aback by the public endorsements by so many visible and respected African-Americans. While Obama is no Dr. King, if Dr. King would've ran for president in the 1970s, I doubt Aretha Franklin and James Brown would've endorsed the white candidate.

    Whatever the case, the New York Senator has the endorsement of the white ruling class—especially the super power of her fried chicken eating and adulterous husband, former President Bill Clinton.

    I wasn’t surprised when dear friend of the Clinton Dynasty, Maya Angelou, endorsed Miss Hill, but it was her statement that I found a bit peculiar. She said, "Today, the challenges facing us threaten the dreams we have had for our children. We need a president with the experience and strength to meet those challenges." I was perplexed and have been stunned at this “experience” rant. People are acting as if Barack Obama just woke up one day on a hammock in the hills of Kenya and said, “I’se want to be President!” Contrary to popular belief, being a corporate lawyer, a first lady for eight years and failing on universal healthcare does not make you more “experienced”. How about if Nancy Reagan ran for president? Hell, Condoleezza Rice has more Washington experience than Hillary Clinton!

    What I find to be the most contradictory is Clinton, and her public supporters, are allowed to mention gender as much as they like. Oprah Winfrey said in her speech at the LA Rally yesterday that she met several women who said, “I’m a woman; I have to vote for a woman.” Women are allowed to openly support, and demand support for Miss Hill, because of gender. However, blacks are not allowed to support Obama because of race, which would make our decisions “emotional”, “prejudice” and “not well-thought”. Yes, being black is a plus, but all of us who support Obama believe in his vision, regardless of race.

    Still, Miss Hill can pull her convenient gender card. In October, Clinton mentioned at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, “the all boys’ club of presidential politics.” Could you imagine if Obama went to an HBCU and ranted on being in “the all white club of presidential politics”? Even though that is exactly where he is, he would receive Biblical amounts of backlash.

    When Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama, the New York State Chapter of the National Organization for Women ranted he “betrayed” women and even cried, “He's joined the list of progressive white men who can't or won't handle the prospect of a woman president.” Wow—what if the NAACP said Representative Maxine Waters betrayed blacks and “She’s joined the list of people who can’t handle the prospect of a black president!”

    Throughout history white women have benefited from civil rights before black people. There have been more women Senators and governors than African-Americans. I hope the historical pattern is not going to be proven again on Super Tuesday.

    Since I was eleven years-old I have lived in an America that was ruled by a Bush or a Clinton; I am ready for a change. A continuation of the Clinton Dynasty is nothing progressive, different and simply more of a polarized Washington.

    Check out the amazing speech from Maria Shriver below.

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    Posted by Clay :: 12:00 AM :: 13 comments


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